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Premium Series 55 mm - Premium MX

Advantages of Use:

  1. “Premium MX” Monofilament yarns and fibers produced from the combination of MX 55 mm Premium all weather conditions with the use of high performance upgrades.
  2. Carpet surface is player-friendly due to providing easy movement capability for the player.
  3. Since granulated system prevents sliding, it protects players against injury.
  4. Cold resistant due to enduring against ultraviolet rays.
  5. Nonflammable due to additives used.
  6. Water permeability is at maximum grade.
  7. Underground heating system may be used.


Application Substructure:

  1. Spreading Nr. 4 gravel of 15 cm thick one compressed soil ground.
  2. Spreading Nr. 1 gravel of 10 cm thick over this layer.
  3. Leveling the surface and compressing.
  4. Laying synthetic felt.
  5. Laying and sticking the carpet.
  6. Placing sand and granule in equal quantities per m2 in the carpet.


Fields of Use:

An ideal artificial grass ground for professional and amateur sports clubs. Professional and amateur sports clubs may easily use synthetic grass systems developed for this purpose.



It is under the scope of warranty for 8 (eight) years provided to be maintained and to observe user instructions. Certificates: TSEK, warranty certificate attested by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, ISO 9001.

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