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Costs and Advantages of Astro Pitches

In Turkey, astro pitches are seen to be an important source of income, while it is an enjoyable activity for sports fans and the youth to play football on these facilities. Astro pitches are definitely an important factor in creating productive and healthy generations who do not have bad habits. 

Our company is able to fully deliver you an astro pitch constructed in accordance with international standards in only 50 days.
Before starting construction, static and stabilization studies are conducted by taking the location and climate conditions of the area on which the facility will be constructed. Thus, a facility resistant to climate conditions is established, besides the high quality and aesthetic standards applied.

In order for the sports fans play sports in a healthy and comfortable environment, facilities are established in compliance with the norms and standards set by worldwide  sports organizations such as FIFA and UEFA.
When climate conditions are considered, closed pitches offers important advantages especially in Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia Regions. It may not be possible to use open pitches particularly during winter and during rainy seasons. Closed pitches are the solution to this important problem.

What is important for closed pitches is, of course, building structures resistant to heavy winter conditions (snow and wind) and in compliance with the static requirements of the projects.

Artificial turf was developed because of the limits encountered in the use of natural grass. However, first generation artificial turfs were not suitable enough for sports uses and particularly for football matches. For this reason, first generation artificial turfs were not officially allowed to be installed on grounds which host professional or international football events.
When rubber granule filled artificial turf, woven from polyethylene yarn with the latest technologies were offered to the industry, artificial turf was started to be installed on standard football pitches. With a decision made by FIFA, it was approved to use artificial turf on any football ground hosting competitions at UEFA level and all official or international matches, beginning from the season 2004-2005.

Today, the demand and the interest for artificial grass are still growing. Besides the usage of artificial turf for sports events, utilizing it for decorative and landscaping purposes is getting more and more popular every day mainly because artificial turf has some vital advantages when compared with natural grass:

1- Better and reliable performance at any weather condition
Today, many regions of the world have extreme weather conditions because of global climate change. Excessive rains, drought, cold and hot weathers become frequent both in out country and all over the world. These factors make maintenance of natural grass grounds harder than ever and it is not possible to keep these grounds suitable for sports competitions. On the other hand, artificial turf offers ideal performance at any weather or geographical condition.

2- Lower overall cost than artificial turf
Although initial investment cost of artificial turf is considered to be higher comparing to natural grass it generates big savings over the time. Artificial turf does not require watering, fertilizing or re-seeding. The artificial turf can be used for years without needing to be replaced. These characteristics and advantages of artificial grass make its self a better overall investment comparing to natural grass.

3- Longer service life:
Pitches that have been constructed with the new generation artificial turf can last up to ten years or even more. This means once the artificial turf has been installed there will not be a need for any investment for replacing the turf for another ten years.

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